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CREATOR Fully Assembled | 1.5 Lt (mini)

$1,395 USD
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  • 1 month skype support

  • Heavy Duty Print Plate

  • 3Dstuffmaker Printing Software

  • 0.7mm Quickprint Nozzle

  • USB Cable

  • Access to stuffshare, our online database of stl files


* Choose your printer color:
Additional Nozzles:
Standard Nozzle:
PLA Refill (Assorted Colors):
Maintenance :
Essential Kit:
Extended Support Package:
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Layer Resolution (Min. Layer Height) 100 Microns
Layer Height Range 100-700 Microns
Wall Thickness Range 730-980 Microns
Print Size ( X Y Z ) 110x130x105mm
Maximum Print Size (cm3 ) 1501.5
Print Plate Size 148x148x6mm
Print Volume (Litres) 1.5
Fitted Print Plate (Heavy Duty) Heavy Duty
Product Size (L x W x H) 35 x 36 x 35cm (13 x 14 x 13 in)
Product weight (kg) 7kg (15lb)
3D Printer Colors Standard
1 Month Skype Support Yes
3D EasyPrint Software Yes



3D Stuffmaker | CREATOR

A mini portable 3D Printer with a great acrylic finish , PLA compatible, tiny model maker for hobbyists, easy to carry anywhere, and it is offered at affordable price.


3D Stuffmaker is a division of iPRINT Technologies and sets the standard for 3D printing. We manufacture affordable 3D printers and have various models specifically designed for professionals, innovators and hobbyists. Our 3D printers are used extensively by inventors, designers, engineers, educators and are used for robotics, toy and model making.









Why should you buy from 3D Stuffmaker?


  • High resolution prints for large parts, toys, models, etc...
  • 3D Stuffmaker is one of the leading brands in 3D printing
  • Our printers achieve 0.09 to 0.7mm layer height (super-fine to fast & coarse surface finish)
  • 3D Stuffmaker is competitively priced
  • We have the best and friendliest technical support
  • 3D Stuffmaker uses eco-friendly, non-hazardous print filament (PLA).
  • We have spare parts available
  • Exchangeable print plates, extruders and nozzles.
  • Our machines are cheap to run
  • we are always perfecting our machines. Ongoing upgrades available.
  • Our printers can print 50-500 microns. *Print results are skill-based and depend on correct calibration. We are happy to teach you to become an expert!
  • Online Skype support and training available. This ensures your satisfaction with 3D Stuffmaker printers. *Skype offers video and phone communication- which brings expert 3D machine support to your desktop. *For software support, we offer Teamviewer, which allows us to access your computer (only with your permission and with you present at the other end).
  • We have the best 3D printers online when compared to price and performance.
  • 3D Stuffmaker does not include useless features or gimmicks. We simply give you the best 3D printer experience at the best possible price.



  • Most orders are dispatched from our warehouse between 1-3 days of payment receipt.
  • Prices exclude any local taxes and/or duties that may apply in your country.
  • Additional shipping charges may apply for remote or difficult to reach destinations.
  • Transit time may vary depending upon the product model and destination.
  • We will ship via the following carriers worldwide:
    • TNT Express
    • DHL Express
    • Fedex Economy
    • EMS Post



  • 5 amp 12 volt DC power supply (about $20). Due to difficulties caused by customs in some countries, the power supply unit is not included with the kit.
  • PLA refills



3D Stuffmaker | CREATOR is designed to be a low maintenance 3D printer that requires only minimal attention, however there are some maintenance precautions that will help to keep your printer working well. Preventative maintenance is an important part of any device that has moving parts. We offer a maintenance kit to assist you in keeping your printer working properly.

To keep the printer well lubricated, wipe bearing shafts with a soft, light, soft cloth every month to keep them shiny. Put a drop of oil on yzy threaded rods and slide bearings every month. The life of the 'hot end tip' depends on proper heat regulation: simply run the hot end at the lowest possible temperature. Heating elements and extrusion tips can be replaced and repaired.

The printer box is very tough and should keep it’s calibration well, However re-calibration is quite easy. The movement on 3D Stuffmaker | CREATOR is regulated by: 3.5cm steppers and timing belt, 5.08 pitch with comparing pulleys, smooth development of X, Y and Z axis (pre-configured in factory), absolute calibration made for accurate Movements of X, Y and Z axis steppers. The 3D printer can do Shell printing, linear and line printing effects. Print speed may vary according to the complexity of the prints.




Buy our inexpensive PLA print refills for best print head life.



Warranty and Service Assistance:

We warrant that you will receive a tested and working unit or complete kit and that it left the factory only after extensive testing. If you do have an issue, just contact our Skype video support team for assistance. We are happy to ship spare parts free if parts fail due to faulty manufacturing. We also offer technical assistance and a broad range of spare parts to keep you printing. We do not accept any claims which go beyond what is offered above. Wear and tear items are not covered. Our warranty terms and conditions can be found on our website. Click here.

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