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Precision CNC milled full metal body.


Clearance fit engineering prints.

Office friendly. No smelly fumes.


3D Stuffmaker. The trusted brand in 3D printing.

You’ll love 3D Stuffmaker because…

  • We have the best 3D printers online when compared to price and performance
  • High resolution printing
  • 3D Stuffmaker is one of the leading brands in 3D printing
  • We are always perfecting our machines
  • We are happy to teach you to become a 3D expert!
  • 3D Stuffmaker is competitively priced
  • We have the best and friendliest technical support
  • No useless features or gimmicks
  • Skype support & training
  • Teamviewer Support


You’ll love the many 3D Stuffmaker Printers

  • Our printers can print 50-500 microns
  • Our printers achieve 0.05-0.7mm layer height
  • Our printers are cheap to run
  • We have spare parts available
  • Exchangeable print plates, extruders and nozzles
  • 3D Stuffmaker uses eco-friendly, non-hazardous print filament (PLA)


Included stuff with every 3D printer

  • One month free Skype support
  • 3D Stuffmaker Printing Software
  • Quickprint Nozzle
  • Thorough testing of your machine
  • USB Cable
  • Access to Stuffshare, our online database of .stl files

3D prints

This is how we ship your 3D Stuffmaker

  • Most orders are dispatched from our warehouse between 1-3 days of payment receipt.
  • Prices exclude any local taxes and/or duties that may apply in your country
  • We will ship using one the following couriers worldwide: TNT Express ◦ DHL Express ◦ Fedex Economy ◦ EMS Post
  • Additional shipping charges may apply for remote or difficult to reach destinations
  • Transit time may vary depending upon the product model and destination

About 3D Stuffmaker

We make 3D printers for the greatest innovators of our time. 3D Stuffmaker understands that 3D printing is more than a hobby. It’s a revolution. 3D Stuffmaker printers are manufactured by iPrint Technologies, an international company dedicated to bringing you the best 3D Printer technology. We are committed to making 3D printing affordable, faster and simpler. Our mission is to educate 3D printing enthusiasts, guide them through choosing the best 3D printers, processes and materials for their projects and support the growth of 3D printing technology.

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The below, super fine 3D print was made on a basic 3DStuffmaker kit. This level of print quality can only be achieved when the print platform, the frame and all components, are engineered. 3DStuffmaker always ships the latest technical 3D print  refinement technology, to ensure end user satisfaction.IMG_3709new

Compare the above 3DStuffmaker  3D print quality with the bleeding edge Prusa I3 below…












Pls note the  poor print quality and the flimsy bearing and motor mountings of a competitors Prusa I3 above.

Poor quality component are the main cause of poor 3D prints. No matter how skilled you are as a kit-builder- your 3D print quality will always be mediocre if the printer parts are poor quality or not engineered by 3D print professionals.

Before buying a kit or printer, consider what you need. You can buy bleeding edge technical gimmicks, or an affordable, robust and proven 3DStuffmaker kit which produces super prints- for about the same price. 

3DStuffmaker has successfully shipped thousands of 3DStuffmaker kits to almost every country on earth. Users from every walk of life are enjoying great 3D prints. We keep even our early model 3DStuffmaker printers in top working condition with spares and consumables.

 Our life skype video, 3D tech support teams are 3D printer legends, having  assisted thousands of 3DStuffmaker kit builders to fulfill their 3D print ambitions, around the world, in over 130 countries.

Our professional and friendly shipping team ensures smooth custom import clearance and are experts at finding reliable freight carriers in your country. 

Get the best. Start your 3D printing journey with an affordable,  reliable 3DStuffmaker kit… and join the 3D print revolution…


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